A Step-by-step List of Things to Do as Soon as You Get Engaged

You’re engaged, lovebug! Congratulations! I’m pretty sure you are still on cloud 9 and your fiancé just coming out of a fit of nervousness and sweat. But it’s done! Whew. And you’ve said yes. Now what?

First of all, CELEBRATE! Pop that another round of champagne and seal the night with a kiss. Chances are, you two are alone or in the company of your loved ones.

Savor the moment by taking lots of photos of you, your beau and that sparkling new ring! Don’t post it on social media just yet. Not until….

You get your nails done, lovebug! Pop in your favorite nail salon and GET A FRESH MANICURE! The spotlight will be on you and your rock so make sure to get rid of the chipped-off nail polish you had three weeks ago.


Then, call up your family and your friends. Tell everyone the good news! It is better to inform them personally before they see it on social media. After all, they deserve to know the highlights of your life as people very close to you rather than just seeing the news from afar.

Now that you’ve informed loved ones of the good news, relax just a little bit with your fiancé! The following weeks will be nerve-wracking and stressful. Make use of the free time by spending a little more time with each other. Do things that you both enjoy – like going out for dinner, hiking or whatever it is that you both feel connected to. It’s nice to be reminded why you are doing all of these in the first place.

When you are both rested and in a good mood, casually throw out wedding dates. Decide if you want a short engagement (Let’s do it now or never!) or a long engagement (Need some more time to save up and prepare). Either way, list down some possible dates that will be helpful in the next step which is to…

Scout for venues! Make your short list. Consider outdoor venues for the safety of everyone involved. Bring the list of wedding dates you’ve drawn up with your fiancé. Need help in scouting for a COVID-ready outdoor wedding venue? This venue in Antipolo offers pandemic-ready services from virtual oculars to live streaming!

If you’ve booked your venue down pat, it’s time to get to the nitty gritty part of choosing your entourage. Carefully select who will be your guests at the wedding. Think numbers – how big your family is as opposed to your wedding budget. Trim, trim, trim until you’ve arrived at a comfortable number.

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Now, it’s time to buckle up, gather inspiration and decide on a theme! Make mood boards of your chosen scheme. From wedding gowns, to flowers to whatever cuisine you decide to serve. Keep it all in a handy folder.

Then, make a list of possible wedding vendors. Check out their websites. Or better yet, join a virtual bridal fair! It’s like a one-stop shop for everything wedding. Interview suppliers, ask for possible discounts and ask until when can you book their promotional offerings.


Take a breather and allow some divine intervention. Attend some pre-wedding counselling and seminars with your soon-to-be spouse to prepare you for the long stretch ahead.

Again, relax as much as you can! Things will unfold nicely in the end. After all, you’re saying I do to the love of your life.

Wedding planning is stressful as heck. It’s also the most enjoyable thing to do before you dive in another chapter of your life. Make the most out of it. We’ll help you along the way! 😉

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