Lhia Ubaldo | May 2, 2020

They said the worst thing that a person has to decide on is where and what to eat. Of course the ‘where’ is out of the question since we’re all quarantined inside our homes. Gone are the days when we feel like eating pizza, burgers, tacos and other goodies and we just pop in a sweater or jacket and go straight to our go-to restaurants or fast food chain for our comfort foods.

Since we have been in Enhanced Community Quarantine for more than a month and a half, we can’t really do anything other than browse on social media and on the internet for food inspirations. And also, since we’re practicing physical distancing, it’s really hard to go out and grab some food and supplies. So you just sigh and slump on your chair, making do of what’s in the pantry. But do not fret! We’ve gathered some food hacks and meals you can cook during this quarantine that is sure to wow you and the people you’re with at home.


Day 47 in Enhanced Community Quarantine: by now, we’re pretty sure you’ve familiarized everything in your home. You might not notice but there are a lot of ingredients that are more versatile than you might think, and the good news is, they’re just lying around in your kitchen! We’re no Gordon Ramsay when it comes to the knowledge of food but here are a few of what we’re researched just for you.

  • EGGS

Eggs work well by themselves or with almost any other ingredient. It’s best-loved for its brunch-time versatility and key roles in many of your favorite baked goods. A fried egg can make a decent burger even better, and never underestimate the power of eggs in classic sauces, like Béarnaise, that can go with just about any protein and veggies you like.


Potatoes can become almost anything. Potatoes aren’t just full of carbs—they’re also full of protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. You can shred them into hash browns or potato pancakes, boil and mash them to make mashed potatoes, croquettes, or mojos. You can also cut them, season them, and bake them as wedges for a lighter french-fry alternative. Potatoes are also great in soups and stews.


They are good for more than just chili and sauce. There is nothing like a fresh slice of tomatoes to your burger, your BLT sandwich or in your salad but this produce isn’t always in season and worse, you can’t easily go out to buy it at your local grocery store since we are in Enhanced Community Quarantine. Cooking with tomatoes, as opposed to eating them fresh, it’s best to opt for canned ones. Stick to canned tomatoes that are just seasoned with salt and add your own basil, oregano, or other herbs as each recipe demands. Use canned tomatoes when making chicken tikka masala.


It’s excellent for seasoning many dishes. It’s bursting with umami flavor and also has at least some salt, even in reduced-sodium varieties. Although there are tons of use with soy sauce, and different cooking tradition in Asia, it’s a condiment that’s rarely used by itself. Instead, it’s a component of many dipping-sauce recipes for dumplings and noodles. It’s also tasty in salad dressings. The next time you’re cooking, try reaching for the soy sauce instead of the salt to add flavor depth in addition to seasoning.


Butter is good for much more than baked goods and toast. Shortbread cookies, and cakes aside, butter can be used in just about anything. Try using butter to make hollandaise sauce! So many sauces are either butter-based or can be heartily improved by using butter.


“I don’t like rice.” said no Asian, ever. Keeping cooked rice in your fridge is like a present to your future self! Throw your favorite proteins or veggies on top of it, turn it into a bowl of fried rice, top with a fried egg, or even use it to make rice porridge (lugaw). If you’re cooking up some rice with the intention of keeping it in your fridge for those hectic weeknights, consider pressing some of that freshly cooked rice into burger buns, these buns freeze well and can be perfect for those who are avoiding gluten.


Try substituting Greek yogurt for milk in a pancake recipe, or use it to make your favorite buttermilk-ranch dressing even creamier. You can also use it in mashed potatoes in lieu of tons of sour cream and butter. Plus, you can mix a cup of Greek yogurt with honey and/or fruit for a tasty snack or dessert. Yum!

Admit it, you’ve always wanted to take time to learn how to cook, and this pandemic, your wish has come true. Why not try these ingredients now and let us know how it went? You got this, girl!

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