Haven’t selected your wedding date yet, lovebug? Creating the perfect wedding memory holds a lot of responsibility. Imagine narrating it to your future sons and daughters, grandchildren, grand grand children and eventually ending up on the family history book. Your future daughter will probably ask you: How did you select your wedding date? Now, imagine answering with these factors in mind:

“It’s a date that means a lot to us.”

Lovebug, we all know that the most romantic couples prefer to hold their wedding day on a date that marks their milestone as a couple! Be it the first day they met, their anniversary, or either the groom’s or bride’s birthday. This is definitely something to consider.

“That’s when our friends and family were free.”


Of course, a wedding day means having the company of your closest friends and family. Considering the availability of the most important people in your life is a significant factor. We recommend asking them for the dates that they cannot compromise and block them out from your calendar. That will leave you a window of dates that you can consider for your wedding.

“We got married on a weekday!”

Saturday evenings are usually the most popular time to get married. Weekends are usually much more expensive than weekdays. If you have no qualms on this, better take on that smart budgeting by considering a weekday for your wedding date! Additionally, a lot of couples are already livestreaming and virtually recording their weddings so you can take this as an opportunity to be flexible on a weekday without the worry of your families and friends’ unavailability on the most important day in your life.

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“That’s when we want our honeymoon.”


Lovebug, after the wedding day we know you are looking forward to the precious time that you will spend on your honeymoon! Some couples prefer a honeymoon to remember so they plan their wedding date around that time. It’s all about the timing, baby!

“The church and reception venue we wanted was available on that day.”


Finally, you might want to consider the availability of your church and reception venue. There’s no easy way around this but to plan ahead of time! We suggest looking at event venues that help you in dealing with both!

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Creating the perfect wedding memory starts with picking the right wedding date!

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